Perica Jugovic

Hannah Mark
November 28, 2018
Sarah M.
December 17, 2018

Perica Jugovic

Viktoriya is very approachable and professional hydro-colon therapist. She is kind, friendly, knowledgeable and incredibly effective. Her long professional experience is so evident.

She has a great knowledgeable about the human body and energetic acupressure anatomy in the colon, and uses that knowledge to do abdominal wall massage of specific points during the treatment. The abdominal massage further supports the release of toxic waste material.

Viktoriya’s office is equipped with a modern and powerful machine, cylinder with chlorophyll (to make the whole treatment more effective) and sterile tubes. She always finishes a session with replenishing good gut bacteria.

Her clinic is conveniently located and immaculately clean. Atmosphere is so welcoming, peaceful and relaxing.

Viktoriya is definitely worth seeing! Looking forward to my next session.