Ms. Anastasia Pavlova

Viktoriya is very knowledgeable and professional. Colonic hydrotherapy is great way to get rid of toxins, give your gut a brake, and simply feel great after. Body wraps are perfect add on to active lifestyle, i do both of those treatments followed by each other. Highly recommended.

Rebekah Jean Gould

I would like to add to Viktoriya’s 5-star rating that originally drew me to her business when searching for help for the constipation ive been battling since the birth of my daughter....10 years ago! Ive been seeing Viktoriya on a regular basis for colonics since the beginning of January, initially doing 1conic every week for the first 8 weeks. She had indicated to me that fixing such a long bout of constipation would not be done in one or two sessions. I had no idea. I recently completed my 11th session, and can tell you that 10 years of difficulties will certainly not be fixed in the matter of a month or two. I have been working really hard, with the help and guidance of Viktoriya who continuously offers ‘next steps’ for healthy habits to adapt and new routines to establish for life between the colonic appointments. While my digestive system is still recovering from years of (over)using herbal laxatives, having these regular colonic sessions have indicated something to me about several other difficulties in my health that I have also been struggling with: moodiness, depression, extreme fatigue, acne, dry-brittle hair and stubborn midsection weight. I was seeking medical advise and spending hundreds of dollars at a time for acne treatment. I’ve been trying product after product to treat and strengthen my hair. I’ve been seeing a naturopath, been to numerous doctors, hospital emerg visits that referred me to a specialist. No one mentioned colonics. After a mere month of seeing Viktoriya, my mood improved, the depression subsided, I gained back so much energy, my skin has completely cleared up and rarely gets a pimple anymore, and my hair isn’t as dry and doesn’t break like it used to! AND, I’m skinny again, because the excess poison that my body has been retaining in my midsection is no longer there. All of that poison in my body just hanging out there for weeks at a time leaking toxins throughout my body, poisoning me from the inside out, causing all of the other health and mental issues I have been struggling with for so many years. Viktoriya continues to work with me, booking me in when I need a session, listening to my symptoms, sugesting natural remedies suited to my needs, and guiding me through this difficult healing process. I have come to trust her more than any other healthcare practitioner I’ve ever had an experience with. I am not cured. But I am well on my way to a healthier, happier life, and recommend Viktoriya to anyone who experiences even one of the symptoms I described above. She has honestly ‘saved my life’

Kait Molloy

Victoria is amazing! She makes you feel so comfortable and is truly gifted at what she does. Since I started seeing her I have more energy and don’t feel bloated. She has also changed my complexion from her facials and products, and my skin has never been so clear. I would recommend Victoria to all my friends and family.

Paraskeve Michael

Viktoriya is amazing and so experienced. She made me feel so comfortable and relaxed during the procedures. I had a few sessions and everytime I had it done I felt my health improving. I definitely recommend this place. I Can’t wait for my next appt. thank you for everything!


I tried so many ways of getting rid of my unwanted weight and desperate in shrinking my size, then I met Viktoriya. She introduced me with body wrap and how I loved it. Personally I discover that "Body Wrap" is the safest and the healthiest way of losing my weight and shrinking my size. What I love the most too is that I can feel my skin actually able to breath after the session everytime. Thank you so much Viktoriya for the best service and your valuable advice.

Nadia Luna

Viktorya is amazing at what she does. Makes you feel very comfortable and calm during the procedure. I have noticed many improvements in my health since going to my sessions. Will definitely continue with them!

Esther Sibony

I have been experiencing colon hydrotherapy with Viktoria for a second session this year; I see a very big improvement on my the regularity of my bowels; I become more aware of what i eat ,especially Adding probiotics in my diet ;chlorophyl in my water especially more aware of drinking water on a daily base . I recommend this easy non evasive natural treatments.

Alina Tsymbalarou

Excellent service! Thank you Viktoria for my treatments. Feel 100% better. Highly recommend European colonic centre!

Maxine Warsh

I have been going to European Colonic Centre for years. It is convenient and close to home. I have always satisfied with my results and have always been very comfortable with the technicians. The technicians are always thorough and knowledgeable. However, the last time I visited European Colonic Centre I met Viktoriya Butriy, who was a new technician since my last visit. I was most satisfied with Viktoriya's treatment. She was very professional and was probably the best colon therapist I have ever experienced. I recommend her highly, as I recommend colon hydrotherapy highly for good preventative health.


Excellent service! Thank you Viktoria for my treatments. Feel 100% better. Highly recommend European colonic centre!

Parishi Amin

I had issues with my migraine and constipation so I started researching about colonic irrigation and decided to try it with Victoriya... I was little scared with the process explained all over internet but victoria was extremely patient and explained me the entire process and gained my confidence. I did my first session and decided to buy another 5 sessions. I have already gone through 5 sessions and I must say that I haven't had any painkillers or laxative in past 2 months. Treatment is definitely working and I am feeling much better inside out. Thanks to Victoria for helping me and I delicately recommend her to anyone who has health concerns regarding migrane and constipation. Its worth a try then eating those pills frequently....Extra perks - I lost some weight and I feel better while I am working out in the gym now...Thank you Back to Balance Colonic Centre..


Hello. I did colonic sessions on the 25th of March and was slightly concerned because I had never been here before. Viktoriya was very welcoming. I didn't pain attention that I had any wait time. To be honest, Viktoriya is good at that, it's worth the wait. I have never had any enhancement that felt so natural and fresh. After I paid for 5 sessions deal. I have only rave reviews for this place and will be definitely back.

Joy Sun

I had a number of health issues (migraines, insomnia, low energy level, endocrine system etc.) and decided to give colonic hydrotherapy a try after thorough research. At first I was reluctant but now I am already looking forward to my next appointment. Viktoriya is very experienced, skilled, knowledgeable and professional hydro therapist. She is always welcoming, courteous, gentle, and caring. She is also a great educator on healthy lifestyle. She has good abdominal massage technique, which additionally supports the elimination process. During the treatment you might feel some cramping, but don’t worry it is tolerable. Actually it is good sign b/c colon is contracting and releases toxic waste material that is stacked on your colon walls for years, intoxicates body and supports growth of microbe, fungi and parasites. You won’t believe how much waste material you release. You will need several treatments in order to experience wellbeing, clarity of mind, better energy level and improvement of your health problems in general. That is why I suggest anyone to buy a package of 4 sessions, and keep doing that until you feel healthier. Viktoriya’s clinic is clean and equipped with best colon hydrotherapy devices, which gives me a feeling of safety. I like calming and relaxing music and videos in her clinic. European Colonic Centre is located close to Sheppard subway station (Sheppard & Yonge intersection). I highly recommend Victoriya and European Colonic Centre to anyone who has health issues and anyone who wants to improve health and well-being. I honestly think she is my life savior.


I did my colon hydrotherapy session at European colonic center. I tried this procedure secondly in my life. My first one was done last week in another place and I was not happy about it. So I tried another clinic. Wow! I felt the big difference between the two. Viktoriya did a good job. She did the massage at the start of the session to the end. It was a good deep massage and it felt nicely. Her machine controls the water temperature to fit the inner body temperature, unlike the other сlinic. I will recommend Alla to anybody. I give her 5 stars!