20 Questions about Colon Hydrotherapy: The In-Depth Face-to-Face Interview with the Certified Therapist

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March 13, 2020

20 Questions about Colon Hydrotherapy: The In-Depth Face-to-Face Interview with the Certified Therapist

A healthy bowel is a key to the whole body’s health. Modern medicine applies many approaches to cope with bowel diseases. Doctors successfully implement bowel cancer treatments, bowel obstruction treatments, and others, however hydro colon therapy is still considered as a new procedure in the field of proctology. Today we’re going to know everything about colonic therapy: reveal all myths and misconceptions, get answers to the most burning questions and get professional recommendations from the Certified CH Therapist, Osteopathic Manual Practitioner D.O.M.P. – Viktoriya Butriy.  Viktoriya works in our European Colonic Centre, she kindly has agreed for the conversation and answering the questions from our readers.

We’ve selected 20 topical questions and now we’re pleased to publish the in-depth commentaries from the doctor. Truly hope that every reader will find this info interesting and useful!

1. Interviewer: What is the procedure? What’s its essence?

Viktoriya: People often compare hydrotherapy with enema claiming that the result is the same. Yes, the principle of action is similar – water flows through the intestine and washes it out. But the enema never gives a result as strong as the colonic hydrotherapy causes. During the procedure all harmful ingredients that have accumulated in the colon are washed away, fully cleansing the body of toxins.

2. Interviewer: How often do people turn to you for help? Are colonic hydrotherapy Toronto-based clinics popular among patients?

Viktoriya: I can’t say that there are times when people more or less go to our clinic. They just come when they need help. Although, recently I’ve noticed an increase in the number of clients who want to lose weight with colon therapy. And they’re often upset when I tell them that this is not the best way to lose weight (she chuckles).

3. Interviewer: What are the most spread problems clients come to you with?

Viktoriya: Oh, you can’t imagine what strange and difficult health problems I have to deal with sometimes. But the list of the most common ones includes dysbiosis, diarrhea, intestinal infestations, chronic constipation, hemorrhoids, cholecystitis, hepatitis, skin diseases, allergies, immunity problems, intoxications, overweight and many-many more. You’d be really surprised how many diseases can be treated with colonic hydrotherapy.

4. Interviewer: Can you name a few of them?

Viktoriya: Sure. For example some urological and gynecological problems or deep depressions. Patients expect a prescription of pills or injections and they become truly confused and surprised when doctors prescribe them such a special kind of treatment. However, it helps.

5. Interviewer: Are there any restrictions or contraindications? Who is not allowed to do the procedure?

Viktoriya: Of course they are. All medical procedures have restrictions and contraindications. Hydro bowel cleansing can’t be performed for patients with the acute stages of hemorrhoids, intestinal bleeding, cancer of the intestine and rectum, cardiovascular disease, hernia, as well as in a number of other situations. The doctor always examines patients before the procedure to check whether there are no reasons for canceling hydro colon therapy.

6. Interviewer: Can I have the colonic treatment if I’m pregnant or having a period?

Viktoriya: There is no reason why you can’t have the procedure during a period. But in case of pregnancy – absolutely not!

7. Interviewer: What are the risks?

Viktoriya: If the procedure is performed by a professional, then the risks are minimal. However, if you don’t adhere to the technology of therapy or ignore contraindications, the patient will get complications that are dangerous for his life or health. That’s why it’s very important to pre-examine people.

8. Interviewer: Is it painful or not? In general, how does it feel?

Viktoriya: Most patients admit that the procedure is painless, they don’t feel discomfort. Some unusual feelings can be if you’re hypersensitive. With modern medical equipment, there is no smell or mess – all the waste is utilized hygienically.

9. Interviewer: Are there any rules, recommendations or prohibitions on the preparation of the procedure?

Viktoriya: There are no strict rules on how to prepare the body for the procedure. But I always recommend my patients to avoid heavy meals as well as food that causes gas production. And, of course, try not to drink a lot of water right before the procedure.

10. Interviewer: How long does it take?

 Viktoriya: Up to an hour. The colon hydrotherapy lasts 40-45 minutes, plus time for preparations and time after the session. Note, that your first visit to the clinic will last longer than the other ones because the doctor has to examine you, check your medical history, etc.

11. Interviewer: Is one session enough or do I need a course of hydro-sessions?

Viktoriya: It’s a very individual thing and depends on the problem you want to solve with the help of colonic hydrotherapy. For some patients, one visit is enough whereas other people need two or three procedures.

12. Interviewer: What type of liquids or colon cleanse therapy treatments do doctors use to rinse my bowel?

Viktoriya: It also depends on the type of clinic, the methods preferred by the doctor, and what the person is sick with. Most often we use specially prepared water, but decoction of medicinal herbs is also a good alternative. Such infusions help to improve the intestinal microflora, provide a person with a good mood and excellent well-being.

13. Interviewer: Isn’t it easier to just use an enema or laxatives?

Viktoriya: Haha, it’s a pity, but doctors can’t choose easier or more difficult ways of treating patients. We have to do our best to help people be healthy. Although the principle of action in the two treatments is similar, an enema can never so effectively and deeply cleanse the intestines. As for the laxatives, we don’t recommend to abuse them as it is quite bad for health.

14. Interviewer: How will I feel myself after the procedure?

Viktoriya: You will feel lightness, high spirits, an influx of strength and energy.

15. Interviewer: Do I need to have a special diet after a colon cleanse therapy?

Viktoriya: For some time you don’t have to drink alcohol or eat food that may irritate your stomach. That’s all. Doctors rarely prescribe a diet for patients after colonic treatment.

16. Interviewer: What if I don’t want the others to know about my health problems? Can I count on anonymity?

Viktoriya: Yes, yes, absolutely. There are such procedures people are ashamed of, but sometimes I don’t understand why. It’s our body and our health – there’s nothing shameful about what methods we have to use to get rid of different diseases. But of course, we guarantee anonymity.

17. Interviewer: Can anyone perform this procedure?

Viktoriya: No, absolutely not. For any kind of medical manipulation, the doctor must be a specialist in this field.

18. Interviewer: What harm can be done by an inexperienced specialist?

Viktoriya: The unprofessional conduct of hydro colon therapy leads to pain, discomfort, malfunctions of the bowel, disorders of its microflora. It will bring new problems instead of solving old ones.

19. Interviewer: Can anyone afford it? How much does the procedure cost?

Viktoriya: Well, it depends on your income and how many sessions you need. But in general, no, it’s not an expensive procedure. We have the price list on the website. People can check the prices there. Or contact our administration and clarify all financial details via phone.

20. Interviewer: Thank you, doctor. What professional recommendations can you give to our readers?

Viktoriya: You’re welcome! I wish you and all people good health. Love yourself and care about your health. Eat healthy foods, walk more often, and keep a positive mood.

In Sum

That was such a great experience to get answers from the medical specialist and qualified doctor and we truly hope that our readers like this blogpost and the format in which we present the important and useful information.
Dear readers and customers of our clinic, nowadays, the amount of information goes really wild and it’s crucially important to find reliable sources, especially when it comes to your health. Be careful and trust only proven facts. For our part, we check the information as much as possible and constantly consult the doctors – today’s post proves it. Take care of yourself and don’t forget to follow our updates!

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