Frequently Asked Question Regarding Colonic Hydrotherapy – Part 1

Conducting Colonic Hydrotherapy: the Procedure Itself
June 20, 2018
Frequently Asked Question Regarding Colonic Hydrotherapy – Part 2
August 20, 2018

Frequently Asked Question Regarding Colonic Hydrotherapy – Part 1

Frequently Asked Question Regarding Colonic Hydrotherapy – Part 1

Colonic hydrotherapy is the method of irrigation of all parts of the whole intestine with large volumes of liquid (laser-structured water, medicines and saprophytic microorganisms) with the help of a special device. Due to developing these procedures, this kind of colonic cleanse is available to a wide range of people. However, there are a few topics which might seem unclear at the first look. That is why it is advisable to check the most common questions about natural colon cleanse.

How can one understand if there are toxic substances in the intestine?

Nominal signs of toxic substances presence in the large intestine are: general malaise, decreased immunity of the body, runny nose, headache, lumbar pain, constipation, fatigue, stale breathing, body odor, weakness, bloating, frustration, sciatic nerve pain, etc.

Why not use enemas or laxatives instead of hydrotherapy?

Periodic use of cleansing enemas and laxatives sometimes is necessary. But really these procedures can not replace the deep cleansing of the large intestine. The enema is necessary for cleansing the rectum, it's only 20 to 30 cm of the intestine. Laxatives, firstly, do not allow for a qualitative cleansing of the intestine, and secondly, the body eventually gets used to them, thus the effect of their usage is greatly reduced.

How does hydrotherapy work in comparison with a simple enema?

With normal enema, water reaches only the rectum and the lower part of the large intestine, while hydrotherapy flushes the entire large intestine. Such bowel flushing is in many times more effective than regular enema. So according to some studies, single hydrotherapy is equivalent to 30 normal enemas.

What about the painful sensations during the colon hydrotherapy conducting?

Usually, pain is a consequence of opposition and tension. A professional doctor is able to carry out the procedure without any painful sensations and discomfort. Most people like the procedure, especially the feeling of ease of cleanliness and freshness. Sometimes, during the procedure, muscular contraction results in the release of a significant amount of fluid and waste into the anus. Feels like it's like the formation of gases and causes the urge to emptying. If this happens, it passes very quickly and is easily tolerated.

What one may feel after the procedure of colon hydrotherapy?

Usually, everybody feel great. Some patients may feel light and experience the joy of feeling health. A little amount of people experienced contractions of the intestinal musculature after colon cleanse. However, usually this phenomenon is well controlled and does not cause any discomfort. There may also be a slight dizziness or cold during the procedure.

To achieve a good result, it is needed to make a series of procedures. Is this true?

It is important to know the ultimate goal. For example, if one’s goal is to get rid of colds, low temperature, headache or low back pain, then perhaps one or two procedures will be enough. However, if the aim is to overcome long-term constipation, to achieve a cardinal improvement in well-being, it is recommended to periodically colon hydrotherapy in addition to diet and exercise. Regular procedure – this is the so-called "course of treatment".

Regarding course of colon cleanses many doctors in Toronto or anywhere else proclaim the need for a course of treatment to achieve a lasting result. But once again, this is possible only with the preliminary determination of the purpose of such a treatment.