Colonic Hydrotherapy – Preparation and Food Questions

Frequently Asked Question Regarding Colonic Hydrotherapy – Part 2
August 20, 2018

Colonic Hydrotherapy – Preparation and Food Questions

Colonic Hydrotherapy – Preparation and Food Questions

Colonic hydrotherapy is progressive method of complete intestine cleanse by a special equipment. A lot of people have experienced this treatment and much more is considering such an opportunity. However, there are some facts that supposed to be revealed about natural colon cleanse.

Before the procedure of colon cleanse

There are a few recommendations which may help to improve the effect and the process of colonic hydrotherapy. Generally, they could be described as “do not eat directly before treatment, relax well and feel calm”. But to be more precise, it should be noted:

  • 1-2 days before the procedure, you should eat only a vegetarian food (vegetable salads from fresh vegetables, boiled vegetables and drink plenty of water)
  • Before the procedure (approx. 6-8 hours) you should go well to the toilet, but you don’t have to do enemas.
  • It is desirable to do hydrotherapy in the morning and on an empty stomach (you may drink water).

After the colon hydrotherapy procedure

You may work just like after a normal toilet visit right after the therapy. In general, regarding food, after this procedure it might be useful to eat something like a salad of fresh cabbage, with grated carrots and onions.

Talking about taking the intestinal flora medicines after hydrotherapy, it should be mentioned that admission of such drugs (like Bifidum-Bacterin or Lacto-Bacterin) increases the effectiveness of treatment, because it strengthens the balance of the micro-flora of the body.

And it is not because the treatment flushes out the flora – correctly conducted intestine irrigation does not wash out own flora of the intestine. But if you want, you can take flora in course for 2 weeks after conducting colon hydrotherapy.