The Main Purposes for Coffee Enemas

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The Main Purposes for Coffee Enemas

The Main Purposes for Coffee Enemas

It may sound unusual but a simple coffee enema is a top method of treatment in the field of non-traditional medicine. And if you haven’t heard about it yet, you just haven’t looked for ways to solve some health problems. Well, the time has come – let’s insight into conveniences and drawbacks of coffee enemas in Toronto or anywhere else.

What are coffee enemas peculiarities?

This method of health care was investigated by Max Gerson and other German doctors. The researcher claimed that a mixture of brewed, caffeinated substance and water was able to eliminate such serious diseases as autoimmune problems, depressions, and even cancer.

Most of the sources of information confirm that anyone can perform a procedure at home, however, strict official guidance is absent. The only recommendations are that the person should be in a comfortable position, preferably in the bathroom, and after the procedure, he\she ought to drink plenty of water to avoid dehydration. How does it work? When making an enema, a large intestine easily absorbs caffeine and transmit it directly to the liver. Here it releases toxins and bile. Then, the substance comes out with feces and in this way, blood is cleansed. Coffee sessions stimulate body antioxidants production to neutralize toxins and improve immunity. Unlike a cup of coffee drunk, caffeine from an enema enters only the venous system, bypassing the stomach. As a rule, complications are rare, and immediately after the procedure patient feel considerable relief, an improved mood, more energy, and general body refreshment. And here you say: “Hm, if there are so many positive results, then, why has this method not yet been recognized as an alternative medical care for all diseases?” To find out the answer to this and other questions, let’s move on to the next item.

A Pro-Con List

Recently, we’ve performed brief monitoring of medical forums and discovered that people very often ask about advantages and disadvantages of coffee enemas. Apparently, this method is becoming extremely popular and it’s necessary to figure out all pros and cons to be 100% sure that the procedure is harmless to health. A number of positive facts include:

  • deep body detoxification;
  • absence of insomnia, depression;
  • dangerous bacteria elimination without intestinal flora damaging;
  • stress reduction;
  • gallbladder treatment;
  • glutathione production stimulation (glutathione stimulates the bile elimination and this is a key factor of enemas advantageous features);
  • better digestion;
  • improved sleep.

If used inappropriately, coffee enemas can also cause serious complications, such as:

  • dehydration;
  • pleural effusions;
  • viral infections;
  • sepsis;
  • salmonella;
  • colitis;
  • rectal or internal burns;
  • intestinal wall perforation;
  • electrolyte imbalance, etc.

Coffee enemas are contraindicated to people who have abdominal hernia, blood vessel disease, congestive heart failure, Crohn’s disease, diverticulitis, gastrointestinal cancer, heart disease, intestinal tumors, severe anemia, hemorrhoids, and ulcerative colitis as well as pregnant or lactating women and children.

Final Conclusions

Even though coffee injections are very popular nowadays, we still haven’t concrete studies on the impact of such procedures on human well-being . The majority of patients believe in amazing results and demonstrate convincing evidence, whereas others emphasize drawbacks. It is only your choice whether to perform or refuse this procedure. However, if you consider trying this, it is necessary to consult a health provider first.