Colon Hydrotherapy: Everything You Need to Know

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Colon Hydrotherapy: Everything You Need to Know

Colon Hydrotherapy

What Kind of Procedure Is It?

Hydro colon therapy – a medical procedure accomplished by certified medical workers. People suffering from certain health problems need complete and thorough colon washing. And when a normal enema doesn’t help, doctors use the colon therapy. Here doctors use filtered purified heated water, carried out under low pressure, which allows cleaning the entire intestine. This procedure is advisable for patients with chronic constipation, metabolic disorders, certain skin problems. Canadian doctors claim that it helps after alcohol or drug poisoning, thus hydro colon therapy Toronto-based clinics have a wider circle of indications.
The positive effect is obvious. One hydro-session helps to wash out the entire large intestine, get rid of leaching of feces, harmful and toxic substances, mucus, stones, which cannot be removed from the intestine naturally. Such a medical operation leads not only to better intestine’s functioning. It stimulates other important body actions like natural rejuvenation, detoxication and other positive changes that make patients feel better a long time after colonic sessions.

Preparations before the Procedure

Colon therapy is a beneficial treatment but the process of preparation before colonic treatment is also very valuable. First of all, every person should consult a doctor. It may be a proctologist, gastroenterologist or even a surgeon. He/she will examine you and suggest “is colon hydrotherapy safe for you?”. We often underestimate this treatment, but we shouldn’t do it since colon cleanse therapy treatments solves many health problems:

  • diarrhea;
  • an early stage of hemorrhoids development;
  • intestinal disorders;
  • dysbacteriosis;
  • viral infections;
  • liver, kidneys and bladder diseases;
  • chronic hepatitis;
  • skin diseases;
  • regular colds;
  • chronic fatigue syndromes, decreased performance, repeating headaches;
  • adiposity;
  • urological and gynecological diseases.

If you have at least one health state of the list mentioned above, probably you’re a candidate for colon hydrotherapy. But a doctor’s prescription it’s not all on the way to get best results. Remember about important pre-procedure recommendations every responsible patient must follow. For example, do not use products that stimulate gases and do not eat 3 hours before the procedure, etc. Note that your doctor may provide you with some other pieces of advice according to your health condition and process stage.

How Is the Procedure Performed?

The operation must be carried out in the doctor’s office or a clinic equipped with appropriate medical devices. The patient should lie on his side or back and the doctor can make the relaxing abdominal massage. Then, the medical specialist enters a plastic tip into the anus. Sterile water or special healing substance that is entered into the body under high pressure washes out all unhealthy substances as well as fecal leftovers. The doctor controls the process, changes the temperature or the power of water stream, and regulates the patient’s condition because any change can lead to the stimulation of different organs, thereby improving various body functions. Colonic treatment is hygienic, painless, odorless and safe because all the medical devices are single-use. The positive effect is visible after one visit but to get full healing patients should see the doctor several times.

Contraindication and Risks

To have strong health you should remember not only about positive effects but also about risks or adverse reactions you can get. Colonic therapy cleanses human organism from harmful toxins but it also washes out useful microorganisms. How can you avoid it and how much is it dangerous to your health? Yes, the useful flora is washed out during the process but it is restored within an hour to the required microbial number. So none should worry because it is impossible to completely wash all good microorganisms. However, be careful and always tell your doctor about previous diseases and health problems because like any other medical procedure colonic therapy has contraindications. Those, who have special conditions can’t have cleaning sessions:

  • nonspecific colitis, Crohn’s disease;
  • exacerbation of hemorrhoids;
  • cracks, fistulas of the rectum;
  • intestine cancer.

When and Where to Do Hydro Colon Therapy?

After all being written above you know: colonic hydrotherapy is a free of harm useful medical action that helps to get rid of many painful and complicated human body problems. However, to avoid troubles and unpredictable consequences you should carefully choose doctors who definitely know how to do a colon cleanse

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